Marley & Lockyer Home- the new range….

This may be a long post as there is a lot to show you from the new collection. Thank you for being patient while I finalised details…I do all of this on my own with no helpers etc, so it is quite a lot of work and I appreciate your patience. So, here is the new range…well most of it…some is yet to be photographed, but these quick shots give you an idea.

This bowl above is a big one..a mixing bowl, salad bowl and something I have been wanting to do for a while. The design has been in my sketch book for ages…and now it’s real.

It’s quite deep and I use it for mixing up muffins etc or to serve out onto the table with.

The wreath was hand shaped. I love that the top is not perfectly flat. I didn’t want it to look like something from Target…that mass produced look has never appealed to me.

Next are the ‘pop’ bowls. You can see it here with the Embroidered series bowl underneath. It is this series, but in reverse! The texture comes out of the bowl and mimics the vintage piece of linen it was made from. Every piece in this collection works with all of the other Marley & Lockyer pieces. You should be able to build up your collection with out having to start from scratch.

I have also reversed the Fraser pattern from last range, so this one looks like the cable knit is coming out of the plate/bowl…like the real fishermans jumper it was made from.

Over the holidays, I did lot’s of sketching and designing this range and one of my Peony drawings became one of the designs. Here is a peek…from drawing…

…to carving…

…to bowl…

…and plate…

Another one is this little Crab Apple branch. First a sketch, then carving and into the ceramic. I will show you this design soon as it is one of those yet to be photographed.

I am really loving these Nordic platters. They are flat, oval and have a lip around the edge and hold a roast dinner well…the wreath on them is picked up in the large bowls too.

This was a last minute decision to add this to the collection… love the journey…it is the next one from my Start The Journey plates with the little hot air balloon and cloud (remember those?). Continuing the wreath theme.

The backs/undersides of them have the Nordic pattern too.

I also made these…translated it means “love conquers all” and I couldn’t agree more!…these are a limited design

There are also these little bowls with the French Embroidery pattern underneath and a little wreath…all hand drawn, so no two are exact…I like that.

and of course my fave…the Tihan plates. They are the perfect dinner plate size if you are health conscious or watching your portion sizes (that’s the Personal Trainer side of me right there!)…or a cute side plate…or serving plate. These ones were released this week…and sold out in minutes.

I also have a Divine Wing II range…which you can see a hint of here. I will show you those soon too.

The collection is called ‘home’. I thought about this for weeks and had all sorts of names, but kept coming back to this. I wanted it to be simple…and I love home, so it was the perfect fit. As soon as I wrote this on some brown paper…I knew it was right…and this will be the logo too.

So, what do you think so far? I would love to here, and maybe you could tell me what you love about home.

Ness xx



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  • oh Ness, you have excelled yourself. They are all absolutely beautiful. I can not wait to add to my collection. Well done you clever creative thing!
    Fiona xx

    • Thanks Fiona. I’m so pleased with this range. I really wanted to extend the serving ware range. Glad you like it.
      Ness xx

  • These are all just gorgeous Ness! You are so talented. Hope everything is going well. Take care, Dayna xx

    • Thank you so much. Everything is going well now that I have ironed the kinks out.
      Ness xx

  • Oh Ness! I simply CAN. NOT. WAIT. for these pieces to be released. They are purely magnificent. The patterns, the attention to detail, the artistry…all of it, perfection. You’ve outdone yourself with Home. xo

    • I’m so pleased you like it Autumn. I have been working for months on it.very proud of it.
      Ness xx

  • NESS it all looks fabulous!!!! I love the salad/mixing bowl idea. I told myself I will ease off purchasing too much M&L at the moment while we are in the middle of our kitchen extension but when I saw the new range and read words like ‘limited design’ I know my good intentions are going to fall as fast as a lead balloon. I am so excited for you and all your endeavours.

    • Oh, you are funny Enjaye!!
      How’s the reno going anyway? Hope you are enjoying the process xx

      • Reno is going slowly but I am learning to be patient. We have an old house so there are a few little things cropping up that need to be fixed along the way. Lucky the hubby is a handy tradie so we can do it a bit cheaper. I will have to send you before and after photo’s when it’s all completed. xox

        • I would love that, Enjaye! Old homes are a challenge as you have seen from our renovations. Nothing is ever straight!
          Good luck
          Ness xx

  • Hi Ness,

    Wow what a beautiful range. I kept scrolling up and down trying to pick which ones I love the most! I love seeing the thought and design process behind some of the pieces. I use my little feather plate and have often marvelled at the work that has gone into it. I don’t know what it is but I also love bowls that are not perfectly round at the top. Look forward to seeing more when you have the time. Congratulations it will be flying off the shelves.

    Take care

    • Hi Janine,
      Thank you. I’m so pleased you like it. Yes, the design process is lengthy, and I have always thought people would find that boring and just want to get to the good bit!
      Bowls that are not straight seem real to me. Straight reminds me of mass produced items…and you know i’m not a fan of that!
      Hope you are well.
      Ness xx

  • Beautiful Ness! Love them all. When are the blue pretties going up. I want one or two! Love love love


    • Thanks Kris. The release will be in the next few days and you will be able to place an order then xx

  • So so so beautiful, all of them Ness. Thanks for sharing the process, if everyone knew how much skill and talent it took to produce these they’d be a much wider appreciation for hand produced creations. Love the new range, but love the twist on the old ones too.

    • I agree. There is integrity and love in a handmade piece…a passion. I hope by giving you a glimpse that it is evident how much love and work goes into each piece.
      Thank you so much.
      Ness xx


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