Autumn Market Beginnings…


Can you believe we are almost half way through March already?! For me, that means that the design markets are about to kick off…and what a way to do it…one on Saturday and one on Sunday at opposite ends of Tasmania – phew! It has been a lovely build up to the busy year ahead too.

There have been a few lazy mornings and we have been relishing in the slowness that the start of Autumn always brings. That crispness to the evenings and early mornings…the later rise of the sun…it is such a wonderful change from our hot and very, very dry summer.

The produce at the markets starts to change. Planning slow cooked meals and anticipating stews and soups on our old iron fire in the kitchen….

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There always seems to be a Spring type, Autumn clean too…the pantry had a chalkboard label makeover

Autumn seems to fill me with inspiration. I’m not sure what it is, but I always seems to have a pep in my step and designing comes easy. This new design ‘Solstice’ has just gone into the kiln for its glaze firing…I can’t wait to see it in the morning!

the possibilities are endless with a lump of clay…

The studio seems to have a calmness to it. Between all of the clay dust, it feels clean and fresh…if that makes sense. Even in the hectic lead up to markets and shop updates. The playlist lately has been Brooke Fraser’s “Albertine” album, Miles Davis, Ertha Kitt and Lorde…just right.

The kiln has been going non-stop…night and day. Soon there will be another to keep it company and help with the workload.

Even with the busy day to day goings on, I have had time to play with designs I drew during the Christmas break…

…and watch them come alive in the clay. This is the makings of the Peony plate. Being able to draw and idea, then to mold it straight into the clay is something I still am amazed by.

I will be taking these along with me to this weekends markets.

The stacks are building. On Sunday I will be having a ‘Pop-Up-Shop’ at The Market in Hobart’s Masonic Hall on Sandy Bay Road. A whole room to fill and play with for the day! I can’t wait.

Our fast growing puppy has taken up residence on the studio wing chair while I work…I think she likes the music.

She doesn’t seem to mind the mess!

The colour of Autumn is right up my alley…maybe that’s why I love it…who knows!

If you happen to be in Launceston on Saturday, I will be at The Hotel Grand Chancellor for the Boutique Markets from 9am -1pm


on Sunday at The Market at the Masonic Temple. 3 Sandy Bay Road from 10am -3pm upstairs in the pop up shop.

I would love to see you there xx



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