A Weekend At Home…



This last weekend, we had a wonderful day at home. You know the type where you just potter about, no time schedules, or places to be, but just be there with each other? Yes, that kind. We didn’t do a lot, except some gardening and out doors work. Our 9 year old, Declan took this shot of me in the garden. He is getting so good with the camera.

Our 7 year old, Mason, had a go at a photo too. The light looks great.

It was such a nice day and I was able to get out and cut some of my beloved Hydrangeas before they die off for the Winter. They turn the most amazing colours now, so I try to leave them as long as I can. They are so easy to dry at this stage too. I posted about drying them with the water/bleach method here

I just hang them upside down from the back of our old kitchen fireplace to dry. There is a few old iron 9 inch nails sticking out from the old convict bricks, and it makes a great drying spot.

All in all, a great, relaxing weekend….I needed that so much xx




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