Creating with ‘Steller’….


hi! I’m very excited to tell you about Steller. You may have heard of this amazing new way to blog with nothing but your phone! It looks like a beautiful little book once you are done, and you can upload it to any other sharing platform like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and your blog…I haven’t figured that one out yet though.

Been feeling a little out of sorts lately with a copying issue. Normally it doesn’t ruffle me too much these days, but I felt a little bare this time. It is my work, my styling, my market displays. After all the work I put in trying to make everything my own, designing my imprints from my own drawings, my own handwriting, and the rest, it’s tiring and hurtful….but, I picked my self up and carried on. You are SO so supportive and that is such a pick me up and I wanted to say thank you for that.

…you will also get a sneak at a new wing creation I am doing…

are you on Steller? I would love to check out your stories if you are.

Ness xx



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