The Simple Life…

Today is the last day of our boys school holidays. It has been lovely and relaxing and I really needed that down time with them. Something we all love about the start of Autumn is the wood gathering. Ute loads of cut wood from Mic’s parents property is brought home to fill our wood shed. It is then that our Border Collies, have a ball finding skinks and ants in the piles…you can see Tess here being a sticky beak in the wood basket I was bringing inside.

After any woodcutting, there are always stray branches that lay about. Once the little Frogs leave (see the one above?…so cute!) we organise a family bonfire. We had two these holidays in different paddocks. One with marshmallows for the boys and one by the big top dam. Perfect clear skies for both of them too. It is such a nice family time with Mic’s brother and sister, parents, me and Mic and our boys. Time to connect and relax

….but I am very ready for studio time to begin again tomorrow. I need to get my hands dirty!

Ness xx



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  • Great to get back to nature Ness! What a beautiful setting… Good for the soul to ceremoniously burn all the old dead wood! Xx

    • Hi Bliss!
      It’s so lovely to be living in the country, being able to really relax and connect. Thanks for stopping by too xx


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