Scary Storms, Winter Days and a Gorgeous Friend…



We have had a huge storm overnight, with horrendous winds, torrential rain and even a tornado in a city not too far from here!

As you could imagine, I did not want to leave the warmth of bed, but once I got out, noticed our whole side yard had flooded. The rain was so hard and loud last night, I was scared to look out the window!


Drying the washing on the line outside has been put on hold for the time being…the dryer has been put to good use. Speaking of drying, this weather also makes the clay take a terribly long time to dry. I have had a few drying racks out in the kitchen by the big fire, but then you are constantly on your toes making sure Mic and the boys don’t bump into it.

I do love Winter…just not the drying problems…that I don’t need.


It does mean that we get to have our bonfires in the paddock though. After firewood is cut, we make a bonfire out of the leftovers and our family gathers around it after we have all had a good meal together….I do love this part of Winter very much.


My Cinematic Lights that we have scattered throughout the Old Lady have been getting a good workout…especially if the power goes out…another thing I am not overly keen on in Winter (when the kiln is running for 24 hours and the electricity shuts off half way through), but having loads of candles and these lights about while the fire crackles in the kitchen, make it all good again.


While the weather is crazy outside and we are all tucked up warm inside by the fire, I normally catch up on some reading. This months issue of Home Beautiful is featuring my beautiful friend, Amanda, and her stunning Georgian home. I have posted about this house before and you would know Amanda from The Vintage Rose, one of my favourite haunts in Launceston. The other great read there is of Alex Legendre and her home in London in Vogue Living. Alex is the co-owner of the stunning I Gigi General Store in London. Her book ‘a life less ordinary’ that she wrote with the other owner, Zoe, is completely beautiful. A great inspiration. It has been on my bookshelf since it came out.

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Ness xx



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