Winter Day’s…


Hey there…this regular posting thing could be catching on with me!

Perfect sunny mornings now we have had Winter Solstice and the light fills our kitchen each morning. I’m still freezing in the studio as the fire hasn’t been replaced yet, so everything is drying….slowly.

I have been doing lot’s of cooking. Winter produce is great to cook with. Local garlic and apples from the orchard just down the street have been great this year.

image (77)

image (74)

We have loads of rain lately, so I have been making things like my Apple Tea Cake and Lemon Cake along with loads of slow cooked meals for dinner. It’s so comforting to know that there is something yummy already made after a tough training session…or a freezing studio day!

I love this image below…coconut oil with almond milk!


The days are starting to get longer, bit by bit. It’s still freezing here in Tassie, but Winter is Winter and I enjoy it for the warming fires, slow cooked food, seasonal produce and lot’s of time designing while clay dries!

…..and for the hot coffee 😉

Enjoy your Winter’s day xx

image (79)



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