Winter down time…

Hi lovelies!

It’s still School winter holiday’s here and that has given me a little down time with our boys and a chance to get some designing done. That also means there are some new pieces heading to the shop this week. The studio has been without it’s normal buzz. The fairy lights have been off, the music silent and the work table, clean.

As much as I enjoy being in here, it has been wonderful doing something a little different and having time to put new designs into play. I have even been playing about with different clay bodies and glazes and techniques…and drawings 🙂

Marley & Lockyer's studio ©Marley&Lockyer

I was recently contacted again by VSCO to let me know the image above has made it to their curated Grid. It’s always so surprising as I am certainly no photographer…I just shoot what I see, what  love and the studio is full of love.


We have had the most amazing winter so far, although having said that, everyone must have thought the same, because this morning the frost was bitterly cold. Our dogs bowls were completely frozen and the frost on the ground was thick. Seeing it has been a fairly mild winter until now…we can’t complain.


The slow winter days have forced me to do dreaded things like…clean my wardrobe out. After a few bags of clothes and accessories tossed out, I found long lost pieces I adore…funny that.


It’s been wonderful having a little break, but I must admit that I am ready to get right back into it, Christmas is looming and I have loads on the agenda over the coming months….I need a few clones I think!

I will have an update on the Raspberry buns too. I will try and get it on here tomorrow if time allows.

See you then…stay warm, or cool, wherever you may be xx

all images ©Marley&Lockyer



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