A Bit Of Christmas, A ‘New’ Studio…and A Shop Update!


It’s that time of year again…I know Christmas seems like a million moons away, but here in the studio, it’s all systems go! Custom Calligraphy Stars are all over the place, along with this years Christmas range…which will be released soon…


There have even been a few Christmas carols playing here and there in the studio playlist…getting in the spirit and all that 😉

If you would like some of your own custom stars, head over to the Store to order some. You can have a name, maybe add a year, it could be a word or two…totally up to you.

image (226)

I’m also gearing up for The Market in Hobart on the 21st of this month, and making some big custom orders along the way, so the studio has been a mish mash of clay, props, linens, bubble wrap…and fairy lights…cause I love those all year round!


The palette has been perfect though…greys, amber, white, linen and a hint of black…even through the mess there is beauty.


With all the work going on, I did need a day out and went off to visit my dear friend, Amanda at The Vintage Rose…and bought a new studio clock…so cute and much better than the crazy cuckoo clock I had in here. Sorry Mum


It’s been so nice to have a new spring in my step, design wise. All it took was a few days off while I was unwell, a studio table reshuffle and voila! I’m on a roll now and can’t wait to show you what I have been busy making for the upcoming shop update.

And, now for the date of the highly anticipated update….

THURSDAY,  11TH SEPTEMBER @ 8:30PM (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Ness xx



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