Perfect Palette….


OK. So by now you probably know how much I adore interiors/Architecture and design. I always have. My first memories are of my Mum and I gallivanting all over the place to second hand shops, antique store, fabric shops and garage sales. It was ingrained in me and my siblings as Mum has always been playing about with interior design and making little vignettes everywhere.

So it was no surprise that while I was photographing some new pieces for the store, that I should notice the little collection of items that I had unknowingly gathered, were in fact… perfect palette!!


Grey and natural linens, indigo and white, wood, antlers, wire, wool, metal and a hint of mother of pearl, shell and black. Cap it off with some greenery in a deep bay green and it’s complete.


This image I took some time ago now shows it too. It’s wonderful how many images I found where that palette repeats itself.

©Marley&Lockyer 2015

Even my flat lay, which I was making all woody and earthy, has the colours in it.

This is a good omen, let me say, as I have been trying to figure out how we will redecorate our living/kitchen/dining areas. I often think I don’t know what my style is, that somehow with all of the amazing images that we are exposed to across the internet and in print, have somehow swayed what I love, what I hold dear .

But, this little revelation has given me faith in me again…I needed that.

~Ness xx




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  • hi Ness do you take orders for special orders? I have an for a wedding and wondered if you would consider making me some stars hearts and birds.. Kind regards Tess xx

  • Hello Ness. I am getting married in November and I wondered if you take special orders. I was thinking about your hearts, stars and birds. I would be needing at least 80 pieces. I would love to know if this is an option. I have admired your work ever since I saw it in the country style Magazine. kind regards, Tess xx

    • HI Tess,
      I do take custom orders. If you would like to email me at we can discus what you would like etc.

      Ness xx

  • just beautiful

    • thanks Fiona xx

  • Oh what an organic feeling here. And your pottery is breathtaking so kin folk.
    I havé been work inn with pottery thèse days and Papier Mâché And find your life-styling in your home so calming here.

    Beauty and grace to you.



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