The Gift Of Life…Success!

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I’m back! It’s been a while as our surgery for me to donate my kidney to Mic, my Husband, was on the 28th…my birthday. So, I’d thought I would fill you in as you have been so amazing with messages/prayers/well wishes. We appreciated every, single one. You are all awesome xx

Right before we left, Mics family put on a big bonfire and dinner for our birthdays (Mics was on the 2nd May, a few days after the surgery) as we would not be there…we celebrate with bonfires in the country.

The next day my Mum, Dad and big Sister flew down to Tasmania. Mum and Dad stayed with the boys while we were both away and my Sister was my carer while I was in hospital…Mic took his Mum.

©Marley&Lockyer 2015

This photo was taken the night before the surgery from Mics room as he had to go in the night before to get prepped. I went in very early the morning of the operation…needless to say we were both very nervous, but I all I wanted was for Mic to feel better.




This week is National Kidney Health week in Australia, so I thought it would be the perfect time to share our story here…and now, I can say this with pride.

The surgery was a massive success!! The surgeon even commented ‘what a beautiful kidney it is’!. It started working straight away, which doesn’t always happen and that was a huge relief.

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This image sums up the difference it has made to Mic. The one on the left is from the night before surgery and the one on the right is the day after the transplant. His eyes are triple the size. The whites of his eyes are actually white now and his skin is a lovely warm peach colour, instead of grey and cold. He feels amazing. He has been walking for 40 minutes x 2 a day back and forth to the hospital for the check ups, which is a bus and tram ride away! His poor mum has to run to keep up with him!! He is blowing the Dr’s away and I am so happy/proud/emotional about it all. It’s been 13 years coming.


This is the Kidney Australia Emorgo House where we stayed once we checked out of hospital. It was amazing! Well appointed, well designed and very very comfortable…all it needs now is two recliners. It is in East Brunswick just off Lygon Street at the old Tip Top building which has now been converted into these great apartments.

Mic is here until Friday when he comes home – 4 weeks in total. I was there for a week after checking out of hospital, and got to come back home to recover at home with Mum and Dad here still helping with the boys and helping me get around. It takes a little longer for the donor to get on their feet as it takes a little time for your body to adjust to only having one kidney now. I feel great now 4 weeks later…wasn’t so chirpy the first few weeks though 😉


I’ve been taking it quite easy and will for a little while yet, so I finally got to finish my ‘David Detail’ drawing, which sold straight away! You can see me looking a little second hand here. I’m doing much better though.

So this down time has been lovely to spend some time with my parents before the head back to Sydney on Saturday.

©Marley & Lockyer 2015

We have been hunting salvage yards and I kick myself for leaving this tufted beauty. I would have covered it in stripes or linen…sadly, it’s no gone.

©Marley & Lockyer 2015

Had a day out to Deloraine to The Black Hen…love this store!

©Marley & Lockyer 2015


…and have started the second piece from my ‘Detail’ series. The light wasn’t very good, but it’s still in progress.

SO. Mic is home on Friday and we can’t wait to be all back together.

It has truly been the most amazing experience and the team from Launceston General Hospital, especially Dr Matthew and our Transplant Nurse, Anna have helped us so, SO much over the 13 years and years to come as we will be in their care from now on.

Also to the amazing team at the Royal Melbourne Hospital who were part of the actual operation and the care straight after have been wonderful. Very special thanks to Dr Robert Millar (mySurgeon) and Amanda Robertson (Mics Surgeon) for performing the task with such success and to Emma (Transplant co-ordinator) and Narissa (Mics after care go-to for your amazing support.

The wonderful nurses would never be forgotten. They tended to us day in, day out and especially while I was not doing very well the first few days, they kept at it. I am in awe of these professionals as to what they deal with each and every day, and they do it because they care so much. Each Nurse we have was so nice, which made the whole thing so much nicer.

To our families….your support was/is amazing. Without you all we would not have been able to get through this. We still need you though as this journey is far from over and we know you have our backs. We both love you all to pieces…you know that. The best!!

So, what I want to leave you with is this…. 90% of renal issues have NO SYMPTOMS! Did you know that? You could have only 10% function left and have NO IDEA. Please go to your Doctor and get a yearly checkup that includes a blood test and renal test (just part of the blood test). Know what your Blood Pressure is and check it regularly. Keep your weight at a healthy level and be kind to your body.

Getting new parts for it it not easy. Take care of yourself xx



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  • Fantastic news! Wishing you all the very best!

    • Thank you so much. It’s been an amazing journey xx

  • What a great story and you tell it so well, too. Fantastic for both of you and your extended families. I hope it continues to go well for you in the years to come.

    Best wishes,


    • Thanks Jude. Yes, let’s hope it keeps on going so well xx

  • My heart is full with this happy news. I’m trilled that it’s going well for the two of you and that you’ll be back together soon. Hugs to you both…and congratulations! xx

    • Thank you. We are all back together now and it is beautiful to see him with our little boys, bouncing about with so much energy. Thank you xx

  • Hi Ness, after I’d read your amazing article, I immediately pasted the link of it, to my friend in Sydney. Her sister in SAfrica donated a kidney to her in Feb and she’s doing amazingly well too. I know Janine will be forever grateful to her sister, it strengthened, deepened their bond, and I’m certain between you and your Mic as well. Good on you for doing this.. not many like you for sure! Good strength and 100% recovery to you both.. x j

    • Oh, that is wonderful to hear! I am so glad they are both doing well. It is so amazing to think you can give a piece of yourself to someone who is very sick, and amazingly quickly, they are ‘well’ again with minimal down time for yourself. Amazing!
      Thank you xx

  • I’m so happy for both of you. Reading your story fills my heart with joy and I wish the best for you and Mic.


    • Thank you so so much Sissie xx

  • So glad to hear you are both recovering nicely and that everything was such a success! I was wondering how you were doing after you had let us know what was coming up! It is truly amazing what the medical profession is able to do now.

    • Thank you so much. It has been an extraordinary experience for us both…but for Mic more so. He is like a new man xx

  • Ness, so pleased to hear it went well – all the best for Mic’s continued recovery.

    • Thank you Naomi. He is going from strength to strength xx

  • I just ran across your blog from being on ” The Grower’s Daughter” list of blogs, and was reading your posts, How absolutely fantastic for you and your husband that you have been able to change both of your lives for the BETTER!!! This is what true love really is and I have been blessed today to read your story. thank you and may you both have wonderful health and happiness and JOY in the coming years !!!! I am positive you see Heaven around you !!

    • Thank you so much for such a lovely comment. It has been a huge journey for us, but I would do it again in a heartbeat!! Thank you for stopping by xx


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