Custom Calligraphy Stars Are Here…


It’s no secret how much I love Christmas and here at Marley & Lockyer it is basically a year round thing. Work on the Christmas range begins very early in the year, about February, to keep up with demand…so Christmas carols start sneaking into my normal playlists from as early as July and build from there. Yep, they’ve started already.

Actually, last night the custom calligraphy stars were released and the only people who knew where on the M&L newsletter list. So, from 8pm last night, the stars went live and sold fast! I have loaded more on for today as they are now available to everyone.

If you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter list, now would be a great idea to do so for this very reason. You will find it on the home page

If you want to get the heads up when the store is being updated, or subscriber only sales, (before everyone else) this is the only way not to miss out.




So, keep in mind, you can customize these to whatever names YOU want on them. Some people get their animals names, some get them Teacher gifts, some for colleagues and for family, weddings…..

You can add the year as well e.g- Mason 2015

and you can write a little message to the back of them too if you want.



Each ceramic star is written by hand, by me and glazed



If you would like to get some stars customized, please head to

All of the details on how to place your order are there. Oh, and by the way, don’t forget to add the names you want on the stars, separated by a comma so I know what to write…please don’t add any messages to me in that section either…it gets very confusing.

The rest of the Christmas 2015 release is not too far away either 🙂

If you would like to be added to that newsletter list, don’t forget to sign up.

Happy star shopping! ~Ness xx



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