Friday Florals + Ceramic Leaves….


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I’m taking a little snack break from the swarm or stars that have consumed the Marley&Locker studio to have a play with some of the Camellias from our big old tree out the backyard. They work perfectly with my pieces. This is the ‘Wander’ bowl and ‘Charlotte’ spoon.

With all the stars I have been busily getting ready to ship out, I needed a head space break and needed to do something totally creative/visual to change it up. This seemed perfect…and it’s Friday – Floral Friday!


Our old tree does this random thing where all of the flowers are white, but in the deepest part of the branches, it throws a random pink petal into the mix…so I had to work it in to the photo.


I have also been making some big ceramic leaves for a project I have been working on…more will be revealed soon… and wanted to work them into the green leaves…It’s love!


I can’t wait to show you more of that project. Oh, and by the way…that divine paper is from my favourite new treat – Tortas. It is a handmade treat with sesame, anise, olive oil and other yum stuff made in the Andalusian capital, Seville. The paper is the perfect texture, colour and the print is wonderful as a backdrop…and that’s what I was snacking on when I started to play with the flowers.

Hey, whatever works! ….back to work. Happy Friday.

~Ness xx



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  • Your ceramic leaves are so pretty. Can’t wait to see the final product of your project 🙂

    Also, yum, tortas!

    • I love me some Tortas…a bit too much! xx


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