The Easiest Cake….

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Seriously, it is.

It’s our go to, our base for many concoctions. For when we have unexpected guests, or just for that 8pm hunger pang.

There is NO DAIRY, NO EGGS, and if you want…NO GLUTEN in it. I have fiddled and tweaked this recipe a lot, and it is yet to fail me. Even Mic can cook it 😉 The ingredients are simple. It forms the base that you add from there. Here they are-


2 cups SR flour (GF if you wish, just add a few tablespoons more)

410-440gm tin of….. what ever fruit/berry you want, juice and all

1/4 cup of sugar. (If you are sugar free, add a little vanilla instead)

Add to a lined loaf tin and cook at 180C for 50 minutes (no need to grease)

That’s it! It is the easiest cake.

I was skeptical when I first made it that it would never rise without eggs etc, but it does, and it stays so moist…even days after. It freezes amazingly and defrosts without loosing the softness.

Now for the tin ingredients, I use pie apples as a go to. We have used mixed berries or pineapple as well. Pears are nice too…but, you have to remember to add the liquid as well. If you think it needs a little more moisture, just add a few tablespoons of water, bit by bit, until it comes together.

My favourite combinations are apple/sultana, banana/Nutella (I mash up about 4 bananas and add some water until it combines then make a little channel and spoon a row of Nutella in and cove it over), it’s limitless!!

We often batch cook two of three cakes at a time. 3 different flavours and have one to eat, and two to cut up and freeze for lunches. It’s foolproof.

Hope you try it and let me know if you come up with some new flavours.

~Ness xx




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  • So it’s just fruit, flour and sugar? I’m gonna have to try this myself to believe it!


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