A new door…

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Merry Christmas!

Far out, this year has flown. There has been loads going on, which is why I have not posted in a while, but here’s an update of sorts.

I have ended up having a massive reaction to something and have been told to slow down a bit by my Dr, so I finally painted the back door gloss black…..

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…and the front door too! Painting relaxes me a lot. I’m smitten with the new look for our doors and am planning some more painting inside 🙂

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I managed to get the tree up among all of the Christmas order wrapping, School events, visiting my family in Sydney, our boys competing at a Martial Arts event (and both taking out first place in all of their events), workshops etc. I’ve still more to put about the house, but at least the tree is up! Our decorations are mainly Marley & Lockyer pieces, that I add to each year (one for each of us), and this year I added some beautiful tin birds from The Vintage Rose, and the trellis baubles from Ikea. White, silver and linen this year.

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Baking is another thing that relaxes me. So, I have been making new recipes, tweaking and changing them and some some great ones to give to you. This is a date and ginger cake…super easy too. I was testing out the new Leaf Plates, which had come out of the kiln a while back, but I had so much on, I never got to post them. They have been selling like hotcakes with Christmas dinner to think of.


Each morning, I have been trying to have at least 30 minutes where I don’t think about the day ahead. So, this Calm Blend of tea from lovetea.com.au has become a morning ritual. It’s divine!


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There has been a lot of gardening too. The garden beds are starting to come on quite nicely, even though we have had a mixed bag of weather over Spring. Anything to do around the house, I love doing. It gets me doing something else other than M&L. Having a home studio can have it’s downfalls, but overall I love it.

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This gorgeousness belongs to my dear friend, Amanda. I spent a morning with her a few weeks ago with a pot of tea, chatting and it was so lovely. We are both such crazy busy women, it’s so rare to just sit.


The crazy rush that is Christmas will come to an end soon and I’m now down to tying up a few custom orders, while I plan for next year with my trusty studio pal, Kodah, always by my side.


This stunning custom ceramic and porcelain wreath, recently left for it’s new home and the owner loved it. It really makes me so happy to get messages and photos from customers who really appreciate my work.

That’s the best gift!

~Ness xx



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  • hope you are feeling better soon Ness. It’s all beautiful but you know I love everything you do xx.

    • Thank you dear Fiona. I’m doing much better now xx

  • Great job on the paint job! It looks about one thousand times better than what I would have done – I painted my bathroom myself months ago and it turned out… let’s just say less than… good…

    Painting is hard! Haha.

    • Oh no! I’m sure it’s not that bad. There’s a bit of pressure here when painting as my Husbands family are all trade painters 😉 xx


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