Christmas At Home…


This year we had a fairly casual Christmas. We still had the traditional Christmas dinner and our annual Christmas Eve fire in the backyard pit and also our Boxing Day family bbq, but in every other respect it was casual.

I had spent a few weeks before the day painting our kitchen, living and dining room, so most of the normal Christmas decor never came out until a few days before. So I kept it all very easy. Just some pine branches and fairy lights and candles…really, that’s all we needed.

You can see the new colour on the walls here. It’s a lovely soft grey.

The kitchen just had some fairy lights in my old Demijohn and I took some parsley that had gone to flower from the garden for a bit of greenery. I love herb flowers!

image5 (29)

Even though the decor was simple, it looked lovely at night…this was Christmas eve. The boys and I put a big bunch of copper wire lights in the big kitchen fire place so Santa could see.

image7 (21)

Our tree was just white ceramic, linen, silver and white lights. I did add wreaths to the French doors and some white lights along the verandas for some cheer.

We had a lovely day with everyone from Mic’s family here to celebrate. Way too much food was eaten and all in all, it was simply perfect.

~Ness xx



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