Little Meat Safe & An ongoing Renovation…


Our kitchen has been going through a very slow change over the years, not to a certain design style or anything like that. It’s evolved to meet our needs as a family and to be sympathetic with our Old Lady as we have learnt all of her quirks and un-straight walls/floors.


The recent paint job that I gave the kitchen before Christmas, was just a quick update. The kitchen needs renewed, but for now, we don’t mind it and can live with what we have in here. As long as it looks nice and functions well with all my favourite kitchen bits and tools, I’m pretty easy.

This corner in the kitchen is my favourite place to be and I need to have shelves in this corner. Just white wood ones with brackets, in white, like these


We also need a new sink. We are looking at a ceramic one like this or I’ll nab the one from my studio


So, I thought I would bring my little meat safe that my Dad made me. He actually built it for one of my Sydney Finders Keepers displays and I could never fit it in my trunk to bring it home. So, Mum and Dad brought it to me when they visited recently.


This is it before I put it out. That space really needs shelves…and a new/old island…and our lights have yet to go up.


One other thing that still needs doing in here is the cook top/oven splash back. I’m undecided what to do here yet. There is a few things in my head…a white bead board splash back (and get rid of those square tiles we put up 12 years ago that I’m not keen on) that would go right around, herringbone subway tiles in white or, make my own tiles with a light pattern.


The other thing i’m toying with is bringing this hutch from the studio into the kitchen again. I love it’s slim fit when it’s in here and I can see all of my most used pieces at a glance. The fire wood crate fits a treat underneath it too!


…but, for right now I’m happy looking at this cute little meat safe.

Thanks Dad! ~Ness xx



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  • I would say that’s the cutest meat safe I’ve ever seen, but it’s actually the ONLY meat safe I’ve ever seen. Seriously, I had no idea a meat safe was even a thing, haha. It looks neat though, although I’m not so sure it would be so great for storing meat with its lack of refrigeration and everything…

    • Haha! Not something that is used these days, but in Australia in the pre-cooler/fridge days, this is something they would have kept cured and smoked meats in. The wire protected them from bugs and the like. In those days they only used what they needed each day, so there was no need for it to be frozen like we do now. Our old home is from that era…so it’s a nice little gesture to years past.
      Ness xx

  • that little safe is adorable! the kitchen feels so charming and inviting, and i can totally imagine myself in there happily daydreaming. peace to you right where you are.

    • Thank you. There is still a bit to do, but it’s getting there xx


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