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It seems like quite a while since I’ve posted…I know – it probably is. We’ve had a crazy, beautiful, weird and fast holiday and it just seems like the days are ticking over WAY too fast!

My parents were here visiting us from NSW for 4 weeks, so that kept me busy, hanging out with them. Spent loads of time in the garden too. We’ve finally started to make a move on the planting after doing the inside first. The back yard is up first.

©Marley & Lockyer 2016

I made a massive new garden bed out side and it was in a spot where we’ve been infested with Cape Weed…I loathe this stuff. So, I was put on to something that will kill them (and any other broad-leafed weed too) and not your grass. So far it’s working a treat, but I had to spray it in the new garden because there is loads and loads of the stuff in there. The next job was an old trick of laying newspaper on said weeds and covering in new compost as the soil outside has been neglected over a long time. Fingers crossed it works because I hate cape weed!!


It’s hard to garden with my shadow, Kodah, in my face. She’s a funny pup.


There’s parts of the garden that aren’t too bad, which I built a few years ago. This little one get lot’s of annuals and perennials and I’ve added a white climbing rose to the veranda post….it’s slowly coming together and I can’t wait.


These Apple branches were growing rogue in the crab apple tree, so I cut them and brought them into the kitchen in a big zinc bucket. They looked amazing…must plant an actual apple tree.


It’s been a pretty relaxed time. I did have to make a few trips to hospital with allergy issues, but I’m ok. We’ve spent most days on the veranda and in the garden, which was a wonderful head-space change from the rush of Christmas orders…I also had a creative block there a few weeks back, so the garden helped me focus on something else and I delved in to Alys Fowler’s book The Edible Garden and watch every show. Her love of mixing perennials and vegetables and herbs inspires me so much and I’ve been starting to mix herbs among the flower beds. Being fairly self sufficient and knowing whats in our food is super important to me and our family. Once I get this Cape weed issue sorted, the veggies will start. Can’t wait!

So, I do apologize for the sad lack of posting. I’ll have to remedy that. ~ Ness xx



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