Sideboard Makeover, Shiplap, Subway Tiles and A Farmhouse Sink


Some of you that have followed our renovation journey for a while might remember the $5 sideboard I picked up quite a few years back. It started as a chalky blue, with doors hanging off, veneer in a bad way and well, let’s just say an ugly duckling.

Below is the colour I painted it all those years ago…


It suited the space…until I painted at Christmas time. Then The beige colour looked dirty against the soft grey and white walls.


Today I actually had a little bit of time on my hands (shock horror, I know), so I painted it in DUlux Antique White USA. This is also the white I used on the ceilings, above the picture rail and below the chair rail and trim. I still have to add the knob back, but it looks 50 times better already.


Even though that knob isn’t on yet, I couldn’t wait to get it ‘dressed’. SO much better in this newly painted space and now it doesn’t detract from my Lone Mustang print. Love it.

I’ve had this massive urge to do some more renovations lately. Nothing big or costly, just little makeovers and updates. One thing is certain though…SHIPLAP! I’m obsesed. I have always loved it, even as a little girl. My Auty had it in her home that was always my favourite place and I have always wanted either tongue and groove or shiplap walls.

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This stuff has been driving me crazy lately. I’m even dreaming about it!

I want some in the kitchen around the window and also around our living room French doors and also down the hallway and in our bedroom, and….. see…obsessed!


The Queen of shiplap would have to be Joanna Gaines and her show that she shares with her Husband, Chip – Fixer Upper is a favourite of mine. This shot, is of her amazing farmhouse. Anyone else love it??

I have been SO inspired by her style as it is very similar to my style. My dear friend told me that my style reminds me of Joanna’s. That was so nice to hear.

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Isn’t it lovely?! We have original tongue and groove ceilings throughout our home and our hallway is massive and wide. This would look perfect down it too.


This is the window I would love to add the shiplap too. It would be white to compliment the grey walls. I would also add some open shelving as well, maybe some subway tile to behind the oven. The windows currently have some balloon blinds, which will come down to make way for two London blinds to help control the light in here a little more.

I’m toying with the idea of using my ceramic sink I bought for the studio in here. It’s the perfect size! Here is the sink..


It’s not hooked up yet and needs a good scrub, but for $2o, I can’t complain!

So, with all of these elements running around in my head day and night, I needed to do something


…and the $5 sideboard was the perfect place to start.

What do you think? ~Ness xx



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  • Beautiful! I, too, love Joanna Gaines’ style on Fixer Upper. Initially, I was a bit put off by Chip’s goofiness, but now I think he’s really funny. 😉

    • Me too. Joanna is brilliant…chips just cracks me up 😉 xx

  • Yep, love it…it looks gorgeous! …I’ve used AW-USA on some of my furniture too. It’s a great shade of white that goes with everything. I’ve also used it half strength too.
    Fixer-Upper is a lovely program. It’s fantastic looking at all the other home-styles

    • We love AW-USA. Its such a lovely white. I’ll have to try it half strength. Thanks for the tip! xx

  • Simply fabolus. Love the horse’s maine

    • Thanks! That horse is a favourite here xx


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