30 Days Until The Big Move!…

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Soon, this will be it…leaving this lovely Old Lady we have called our home for the last 14 years. It will be bittersweet and I’m sure a mixed bag of emotions, but honestly I am so looking forward to getting to the Old Dame and the new adventure it brings with it.

SO, our attentions have turned to planning and prepping…and lot’s of packing! One thing we needed was some sofas to replace the one we are selling at the moment, and where else would I go, but….


The Vintage Rose. You can see our sofa here on the left that we bought, as well as my dear friend, and owner of the store, Amanda. She’s a keeper this one. This is a little snippet of her stunning store and I seem to be in here every week, catching up by the fire.


Here is a better photo of it. We actually bought two of them and they are finished in this beautiful, natural linen slip cover…and it also comes with a spare white linen slip cover. Heaven!

…I’m coveting that light as well…


We are also looking for a new stove/oven as the one that is there is too small for our family needs. There is a fireplace in the kitchen that we would like one of these Belling ovens to go in it. We already have this oven in a 60cm version (basically without the tall oven) and I love it, but this is the 90 cm size. We just have to wait to see if it will fit before we make any decisions…but I love it!


If you follow Marley & Lockyer on Instagram or Facebook, you would have seen this post about this stunning deconstructed, vintage French chair from The Vintage Rose. I have always wanted one of these, but Mic doesn’t get the whole “deconstructed chair” thing…he likes constructed ones. Ha ha!


There is so much to love in this store and a lot of the farm pieces will come from here. I will show you a bit more of The Dame soon in all of her un-renovated glory!

Anyway, it’s 30 days to go until we move and I’ll be counting down for sure.

~Ness xx



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  • What lovely pictures Ness! The shop looks wonderful … and I do love the deconstructed chair!! So unique in every way … Would look great in The Dame 🙂

    • Thanks Wendy. It’s a very beautiful space. So tempting as well 😉
      Ness xx


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