Our Home, The Old Lady Is For Sale…


If you have wondering where I have been for the last little while, we have had a lot on. My birthday last Thursday, which was also the 1st year anniversary of the kidney donation, Mic’s birthday today…and getting our Old Lady ready to sell. I know, I know, we’re mad to leave her. This hasn’t been an easy decision at all and we’ve been tossing this idea around for about 5 years now, but now is the time. We want more land – a small farm and trust me, we’d take the house with us if we could!

So today it is official – the Old Lady is on the market as of this morning.

I mentioned that we were selling on my Facebook and Instagram pages and had a few email inquiries about it, but it wasn’t live until today. So, for those who wanted more information, our agents are Vaughan Rose 0418508358 and Kirsty Cruse 0417377310 and they are with Roberts Real Estate Tamar Valley, Main Rd, Exeter.

You can see the Old Lady’s listing here, including a 3D tour


These images are from the listing.


So, a little background on our home –

It was built around 1830, but we have found papers on the walls from the 1800’s, so it’s hard to get an actual date. It’s a 4 bedroom (very big rooms), 2 living room (one is currently the studio), 1 bathroom (massive) home. The living/dining/kitchen is open plan and the hallway is huge. If I stretch my arms out, my fingertips touch the walls. Its very wide. We are on just over half an acre of flat land with a double garage (fully powered) and double carport. There are three verandas to the house, 1 with French doors leading out. Our ceilings are all super high and we have restored her with decorative cornice, picture rail, chair rail, tall skirting boards and architraves. The floorboards are all original. The fire in the kitchen is an original and can warm the whole house. We also use it to cook on in winter…it does the best stews! The bathroom has a cast iron clawfoot tub as well. The ceilings are all original baltic pine and the house has a new roof. The rough sawn cladding is original as well. Yard is fully fenced and secure.

It seems strange talking about what the home has we have put so much love into this home over the last 14 years. Here is a reminder… The before photos were taken when we viewed the house before purchasing.


Before – After

The kitchen fire mantel was covered in little mice cooking and the brick work was black, so we painted the mantel and gave the brick work a lighter stone paint. It made a huge difference.


Before – After

All of the living and hallway carpets were ripped up and the wonderful original floorboards were refinished. We took out the crazy warped arch and added new French doors and transom. All new gyprock, chair rail, cornice, picture rail, skirting and fixtures to suit the era of the house. Just the change in the amount of light that comes in was amazing!


Before – After

I love this image. The change in here was huge. So much light in here with new cedar window to let more light in.

But, as much as we love the Old Lady, it’s time to find a new Lady that needs some help…another Fixer Upper I guess. I’m excited and scared at the same time. Wish us luck!

Ness xx



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  • Oh, I’m so in love.

    Your house is lovely, and I wish you all the best for its sale and then upcoming move.

    ~ Rebecca : )

    • Thanks Rebecca. We love this house. Hopefully someone will love her just as much.
      Ness xx

  • Oh my goodness Ness, what an amazing home. I’m sure it will get snapped up very quickly. We have an old farmhouse very similar but with just four rooms in the original part of the home (also with fireplaces), the long corridor and stained glass front door but with a horrible tack on at the end. Its been empty for over 20 years and we are hoping to renovateand love there one day. People just tell us to knock it down and have a new build. They must be mad! Why wouldn’t you want to preserve an old home, its part of Australia’s history. Good luck with the sale and finding your own farm. x

    • Old houses are the best, aren’t they? I love the challenge of bringing a ‘knock down’ back to life.
      Thank you xx

  • NESS…I am so sorry to hear that you’re selling…but also understand completely the desire for more land!!

    I would love at least an acre myself instead of a regular house block, but this is what I’m stuck with, at least for now.

    Good luck with it all…I’m sure someone will buy her who will love her and look after her just as much as you and your family have.

    Do you have your eye on another property yet?


    • It was a super hard decision, but i’m sure it will be worth it…cant believe we are leaving the Old Lady!
      Ness xx


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