Sold in 6 hours!


I know. Crazy, right?

Well I posted about our Old Lady going on the market and not long after that post, it sold. Mic and I are still in shock.

Now that we have had a few days to let it sink in a bit, our attentions have turned to the hunt for a new home. We are looking for a few acres…anywhere from 4 to 10 acres. There are a few places we have in our sights, but are not willing to give anything away in case we jinx it. Haha!

I would love to have you along for the ride as we are looking for another ‘fixer upper’ like the Old Lady was. This time, we know a lot more about renovating and have a lot of tips and tricks I would love to share along the way.

It’s all very exciting…stay tuned. ~Ness xx



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  • WOW!!

    Well done you!
    That’s fabulous news for you all. Now the hunt begins


    • Thank you. We have found another place. I’ll be blogging all about it and our journey there soon xx

  • Oh that’s fantastic Ness … I can imagine why you and Mick would be in a shock at having sold so quickly … but having said that … it is a BEAUTIFUL house!! All the best in your search to find your next one and yes, would love to come along for the ride! xx

    • Thank you so much. It was a crazy day thats for sure. xx

  • That sounds very exciting Ness, even if you are a bit sad about moving on. I live on a 10 acre property myself (mostly garden + a small forest) so I can thoroughly recommend it…all the best for your new life!

    • That sounds wonderful! We can’t wait to get there and join the cool kids 😉
      N xx


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