The Heart Of Our Home & Some Scones


Our house is getting packed away, the shelves are empty and the bare essentials are left in the cupboards, and I feel like i’m in limbo at the moment. There are boxes stacked here and there and while I pack the rain is falling outside and the crackle of the fire is entertaining me. This old fire is certainly the heart of our home. We use it for not only warmth, but also cooking in winter and it does a mean stew with dumplings.


One thing is for sure, when the weather changes, we bake. Well, I always bake, but we seem to do more of it in the colder months. This afternoons school treat was CWA scones and strawberry jam. They are quick and keep the boys going until dinner time.


Normally while the food is cooking, the boys are not far away, staying by the amazing heat that this thing pumps out. Sometimes it’s so warm that the candles nearby melt!

image3 (5)

But, never this one. She loves being curled up by the heat. So cute!

So once everyone’s topped up with food and keeping warm, I’m back into packing and next room up is the studio…where do I start!?


~Ness xx





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  • I LOVE those floors. I guess floors are where I’m focused at the moment and will be our next big reno/spend. If you need boxes, especially good ones for book packing, try the hospital pharmacy. The Baxter boxes used for shipping dialate are perfect. And they have plenty. Ring ahead 😉

    • Those floors are perfect. Completely original. I will miss these wide boards. In the farmhouse the boards are quite thin.
      Thanks for the box heads up. I have picked up a few from our local pharmacy, but I will check with the hospital for sure. N xx

  • Those little scones look so yummy! Would you please share your recipe?


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