A Weekend With Launchpad Workshops…


This Saturday just passed, we headed off to Hobart for the day. Launchpad Workshops was the host of my Chalkboard Calligraphy class, which I love teaching. I get to meet so many beautiful people and share something I am passionate about.

The workshop was held in this stunning old building which is part of the All Saints Church in Hobart. Tall ceilings, big light filled windows and French doors, all surrounded with cute pottager style gardens.



Annie and Emily are the brains behind Launchpad and styled the interior of the space with beautiful little vignettes and floral arrangements like this one. The table was covered in linen with Olive branches down the center and candles dotted throughout…they understood my style perfectly!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos as I was so busy chatting to everyone, so Annie kindly sent me the ones above.


I did happen to quickly snap a shot of this big seal that came up for some prawns while I had lunch with Mic and the boys on the Hobart docks. It was huge! It was such a whirlwind of a day; up early to get down there, and straight back home through the terrible rain and wind we are getting hit with at the moment, so it was lovely to get back home.


This is where I spent the rest of the evening, while the rain pelted outside…perfect!

Thank you to Launchpad Workshops again for hosting my class. It was wonderful. Launchpad also host lot’s of other classes like Shibori, papercutting and more. If you are in the Hobart area, look them up for info at www.launchpadworkshops.com

 ~Ness xx



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