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A kitchen is the heart of the home, don’t you agree? I mentioned in my last post that we are renovating the kitchen, but I couldn’t start with a demo site, so here is a reminder of our last kitchen at The Old Lady, right before we moved.

Now, here is our new kitchen at the farmhouse…


right now it looks like this…without the dust. That’s gone now. We pulled down a brick wall. I’ll show you.


We had a wall, made with bricks from the 80’s that had been painted Indian Red, blue and putty in this room that split up the pantry from the kitchen.


It also included this chimney, which has the original chimney, well part of it, at the back. When this wall was built the ‘new’ bricks were joined into the old bricks to stop it collapsing. So, it all had to go to make way for the new kitchen. We have saved some of the new bricks to re use on other projects later on and some we will give away to anyone who wants them.


All of the cupboards in the room were odd. Homemade and uneven.


Some were short, some had store bought doors, some were handmade. The bench height here was too low and gave you a sore back and the island (which we already took out by the time I took photos) was too high. So, it all had to go. Layers of linoleum, and wallpaper and oddities.


We picked up this oven on the weekend and I can’t wait to have it installed. We have been living out of the wok lately.


Our French Oak flooring turned up as well as our tongue and groove boards, which will go horizontally on the walls and will also go on the ceiling, which is what this home originally had.


I have been looking at lights like this to go above the island (but also loved the milk glass one in the background). We really want a touch of industrial alongside our farmhouse pieces.


The new roof went on the back part of the main house yesterday. We knew it needed replacing and once the old roof came off, we could see why! It’s all new now 🙂

Even though we have a mess at the moment, we keep thinking back to The Old Lady and what we achieved there. That keeps us going.

So, tomorrow we have some flooring structures to secure and we can prep the floor for the new oak boards. When we have made some progress, I’ll do another post…hopefully the kitchen will be in by then.

If you follow Marley & Lockyer on Instagram or Facebook, you will see some ongoing progress photos and I’m working up some courage to do a new Instagram video!

~Ness xx



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  • Love it Ness, sounds just like my 108yr old do-er-up-er….well worth the mess!!

    • It’s a testing labour of love thats for sure!
      Good luck with your mess.
      Ness xx


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