Marley & Lockyer Voted Top 20 Interiors Blog!!

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To say this was a lovely way to start Friday is an understatement. Picture the scene if you will. I was in the kiln room, covered in clay and glaze, packing hundreds and hundreds of stars into the kiln, when the little alert came up that there was a new message…which I normally don’t check straight away as it goes off all day…but this time I did and it was a lovely massage from DIY Decorator, who I have followed for a long time now. Kylie and Sam were letting me know that Marley & Lockyer has been selected as one of the Top 20 Interior Blogs!!!

I’m in great company too. There are some amazing blogs that I have also followed for a long time like Interiors Addict, The Design Files, Katrina Chambers, Houzz, and well, I’ll end up listing them all, so it’s probably easier for you to go and have a look at all of the talent HERE

Thank you so much for all of the love. You’ve made my day!

~ Ness xx



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