Open Shelving, Subway Tile & Our Kitchen Progress Update…


We are still going with the kitchen renovation and it’s been a hard slog, with issues to deal with at every turn, but we have worked them out as we have gone along and we are getting near the end…finally!

So, I’ve been looking through my Pinterest boards to get ready for the last stages and I’d like to share with you what has piqued my interest. This image above by I saved for the shelves. We are planning on doing some open shelves above our main bench. I’m loving the palette here too.


Via New England Home Magazine

This one I saved for the bench tops and for that beautiful pot rack. I’m toying with the idea of something like this as we are building a wall behind our oven (you might remember from the last kitchen post we ripped the old one out)

This time we are having a dishwasher and I didn’t want it to be exposed like the one above as its right next to our new, ceramic sink. So we have integrated it into the kitchen with a door the same as the others. The dishwasher arrives tonight!


I love this via This Is Glamorous. I love the walls and glassware and ceramics on the shelves with some natural elements to tie it all in. Shelfie goals right here!


This is the last full shot I took of the space last week. Since then, the island is secured in place. All bench tops are on, routed and oiled. Sink and tap ware is in and I’ve started to fill some cupboards again. It’s so nice having my beautiful collection of ceramics out of boxes again.

There is another pantry to be built, next to the one you can see here and also a wall to be built behind the oven and lot’s of other finishing jobs to do like finish putting up the tongue and groove on the walls and tile along the main bench splash back, cupboard handles and of course paint, but it looks better than what we started with.

I can say one thing, it’s lovely to have a sink again!

This wall (below) with have subway tile along it and above that the white horizontal boards with open shelves for my antique French bread boards and old stoneware. We are going with a brushed nickle handle for doors and bin pulls for drawers…for now anyway. That could change. haha!

Hope you like it so far. We love it!

~Ness xx

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  • Love the inspiration photos + the ones of your in-progress kitchen, too! Our kitchen has been in-progress mode for months, while we tend to other chores. Good things come to those who wait!

    • Oh Kay, hang in there! It’s such a long process. I’m about to do a post with the finished photos xx

  • Definitely looking good so far! Nice and bright, which is always a big plus for me. Can’t wait to see what it looks like when you’re done! 🙂

    • Thank you xx


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