A Look Around Our Finished Kitchen…


You read that right, we’re finished! It feels like forever since we started, and that’s what happens when you are only renovating on weekends. It’s more satisfying I think though, to know you have (well that’s Mic and I when I say that) done it all yourselves. To stand back and look at what has been achieved.

So, I thought I would take you on a little tour of what has been going on around the farmhouse since my last post. This photo, above, of it almost complete was too good not to capture. The back of the island went on the next morning.


The tongue and groove went up and made a massive difference to the space, counters were installed and subway tiles were installed. There’s Mic up there doing an awesome job. We went with a standard white subway tile. If you’ve followed along from my early blog days, you would know I have always been a fan of classic white subway tiles. There was no other choice for me.

kitchen15Most weekends we worked well into the night to try and get it done. Once the architraves and skirtings went on, I knew we were getting close. For the island I wanted lots of drawers and some cupboards for my ceramic bakeware. Our last house, The Old Lady, had only two shelves and one big long drawer in the island and that always bugged me a bit. So, the problem was fixed here with many drawers and a lovely sized cupboard for easy access to all of those pieces. There was also a second pantry added to that back wall, that hadn’t been built when I took this shot.

The painting part pulled it all together really quickly. I went with Antique White USA by Dulux . It’s a beautiful white with a slight warmth to it, which we need in here as the light doesn’t come in directly in the windows until the afternoon. It keeps it bright throughout that time, without throwing a coldness as some whites can.

So, this weekend just gone, I finally got to unpack the boxes marked “kitchen” and “decorator pieces”, that held all of favourite things for the last three months. It was like Christmas!


My favourite sieve is now hanging on the wall that leads into the living room, by the mudroom door. I love it on the white boards.

img_2996Another part I was really looking forward to, was getting this beautiful old advertising decal onto an old window we found in one of the sheds on the farm. I picked this up from Julie at The Black Hen and its super easy to put on. Just rub it with a spoon and put it on like school book contact…but much easier. ha!

It’s one of my favourite elements to the space. I really wanted it to go above the sink as traditionally, a sink is under a window. So, it’s my little nod to not having a sink with a window. Mic built this shelf for me from a beautiful piece of old wood we got from a friend. All we did was oil it to bring out the lovely tones. I had planned on having another shelf above it, but then I wouldn’t have had anywhere to store my old bread boards, and you know, that’s important 🙂

img_3002We also built a wall up the back of the oven to house the range hood on. Originally, we were going to have a half wall, but after looking at it for a very long time, it didn’t make sense. We have left either side of the wall open, because eventually the window behind it will lead to the new veranda and I don’t want to loose the airflow from there, or the morning light. In this image, there was still plinths to go on and we were finishing under the counters.

Here you can see the wall a little better. There was still grout to go on the tiles when I took this and we went with a very light grey grout. I didn’t want white, but I also didn’t want the dark grey that’s in vogue at the moment. The little cupboard at the end was originally a dead space, and we didn’t want a cupboard as it didn’t work with the flow of the room, so we came up with a little nook for my cookbooks (which i’m still unpacking), which I love.

Right by the mudroom window (to the right) we had planed on a breakfast table, but we changed our minds, so my little table, which was a 21st birthday present from my parents, was the perfect fit for now under my new/old antlers I picked up from The Vintage Rose. This beautiful ginger jar came from there too and was a gift from our groomsman and his wife as a housewarming gift on their recent trip to Tasmania. I think it all ties in lovely with one of my own drawings and an old sign that used to hang in the kitchen at The Old Lady. It will all change soon, I am sure, but for now I love it. Still not sure where the mirror and prints on the floor will go yet!

On the other side of that window, in the last photo, is my Tulip botanical poster I bought many years ago in Berry, while I was visiting my parents, and my old Demijohn, which is the perfect vessel for these branches we trimmed in the front yard. They had the most amazing smelling blossoms on them, and now have little green apple looking things growing on them.


I tried to get a pulled back shot, but had to take it through the window, so excuse the reflections.

We are really happy with all of the work we have done in here. From pulling down the wall and chimney to extend the room, building new footings and floors to lay our new floor timber and all of the other crazy bits we found and dealt with along the way.

Mic and I are pretty spent after this effort, so we are having a break for a few weeks to focus on the grounds of the property to get ready for our farm animals arriving, then we will be starting on the bedrooms.

I’d love to hear what you think of our new kitchen and thank you do much to those of you have commented on Instagram/Insta Stories/Facebook. It’s been a lovely pat on the back and we truly appreciate it.

~ Ness xx




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  • What a fabulous job you have both done with this kitchen. I love all the white and the contrasting timber. The finishing touches including your gorgeous decorator items just make it all tie in together. Thanks for letting us all follow your progress. Just stunning! Can’t wait to see the rest when you have recovered from this.

    • You’re welcome, and thank you for coming along for the ride. I’m glad you like it. It’s lovey having a proper kitchen again.
      Ness xx

  • Absolutely beautiful, just as I envisioned from you! Enjoy! Mickey Cybulski,Pennsylvania

    • Hi Mickey. Thank you. Its been a ride, that’s for sure xx

  • wow!!!! looks fabulous Ness, great job you both did, cant wait to see the rest of the house when your finished.

    • Thank you. It’s been lovely having a little break in the garden, but I’m ready now to keep going with the inside. So much to do…so many photos to come!
      Ness xx

  • You’ve definitely got your own distinctive style and it must be heaven to finally have your comfort zone around you again. I love Chalk USA too and I’m glad you didn’t do the dark grey grout too. Please pass on to Mick my full admiration too. He’s done a great job and so much more massive than I first thought. You’ll both welcome the garden break now 😉

    • Thanks Tania. Certainly was a massive job!
      The light grey grout is so lovely. Not in your face like the dark one can be. Mic said to say thank you too xx

  • Hi Ness, my name is Edita( you made a Christmas star with my name for Michele Evans). I am in Launceston at the moment and would love to visit your shop but cannot find the address. Could you please email me your address as I would love to order some of your beautiful potery. Kind regards Edita

    • Hi Edita.
      I actually don’t have a bricks and mortar store, I’m sorry. At the moment, I only have the web store. If there is anything you need help with, please let me know.
      Ness xx


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