What Is Your Style?…


…that’s a question I get asked…a lot! And, you know what? I don’t actually think I have a ‘style’. Not in the sense of traditional/modern/Scandinavian/Country/Minimalist/Hamptons etc anyway. For me, having to fall into a certain category is not me at all. I know what I like, I that’s my style. My dear friend and I were recently trying to suss this out – what my style is. We came up which such a list, and it got me thinking that “I don’t have a style”.

We even tried to morph a name for it.

Later, I sat and had a look at all of the photos I have taken of our homes over the years to see if there was a hint of a style there, and I came to the understanding that I do have a style – my style. Let me explain…

I’m quite happy with that, as I’ve never been one to follow trends at all. I like pieces in our home to last the test of time. To have good design, and I think this is why I love old houses so much. Their Architecture and functionality has lasted generations, and I want that in the pieces I keep around me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a trend snob. I have bought the odd ‘on trend’ item here and there, but it’s form and functionality must appeal to me and be useful as well as beautiful. I have to see it lasting a long time in our home, and if it doesn’t work for it’s keep, its out.

There are things I always have around me (and if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll have seen the basics pop up), like linen, stoneware/ceramic and ironstone, candles, bone, wicker, wire, greenery, glass, wood, wool, paper. Mostly they come in a neutral palette, all put up against white or very soft greys and linen tones.

©Marley & Lockyer 2016 Items in my home must be functional, first and foremost. I don’t have “good china”. Well, I do, but it gets used everyday. The pieces I make myself are used each day, too. I have always believed in making each day beautiful, which is where the Marley & Lockyer motto of “…live beautifully” came about. It has influenced my work for M & L heavily.

Every day, should be beautiful, and I try to uphold this value in all areas of our life, especially our home. We light the candles in the living room after dinner, while we watch tv together, we put our feet on the linen sofas, we drink from our wedding crystal, we eat from our vintage china, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

img_2206As you know, we are still renovating our new farmhouse, and the studio has yet to be touched, but I still had to have my office area up and running in the meantime. It’s not ‘done’ by any means, but the basic palette is there – white, wood, wire, glass, greenery… It needs to inspire me.

©Marley & LockyerOur living area in our farmhouse, has not been touched yet either (I’m hoping it will be finished before Christmas…fingers crossed), although we did take down that crazy wood panelling over the fireplace and the crazy 70’s ‘jail bar’ partition down on the weekend. I’ve put out some of my pieces to make the room feel like home.

I’m happy that all of those pieces I love work well in here already, and I can almost imagine this room finished. We will add new tongue and groove boards to the ceiling, possibly a panelled wall around the fireplace and ‘skin’ over the slight popcorn texture to the fireplace surround. The walls will be a very pale greyish linen colour, that will help to pull together all of the natural elements in here. White linen curtains will go on the window with block-out blinds that we can roll up out of sight during the day so as not to loose our beautiful garden outlook.

I love to mix together second hand finds with antiques/vintage pieces and new pieces, but they all must fall into place together. It’s not something I consciously think of. If I love it, it will work.

©Marley & Lockyer 2016When it comes to flower arrangements, I’m happy with a branch from a tree in a bottle, if it flowers, even better. I do love Hydrangeas though, and will always welcome a bunch of those inside.


On our bed, I love linen and in winter, cotton flannelette. We use waffle weave and cellular blankets, all in white for our cold Tasmanian winters. Not only is it nice to look at, but they are always easy to replace should one ever wear out. They never date either, and if I feel like adding some colour/pattern, always compliment.

Contrary to what some may think, white is super easy to live with. It’s easy to launder and clean, replace and work with.

©Marley & Lockyer 2016So, my style has developed as I have gotten older, and has always remained true to that palette…

kitchenredo2…and as we plan out our new/old farmhouse, every element has popped up. With all of the pieces and collections I have accumulated over the years, are all coming into play now and I’m really enjoying it.

So, to answer the question “what is your style”, I think I will have to just say “my style”

…what is your style?

~ Ness xx



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  • That’s the trick though Ness…knowing and understanding that your style is unique to you …which, when you think about it, is the only way to roll


    • Amen to that! Makes the world more interesting that way, don’t you think?
      Ness xx

  • LOVE your style!! Your OWN style! It has evolved over the years but you have remained true with your colour pallet and individual touch!

    • Absolutely. I like having little elements that people can associate with, but I don’t ever want to be know as having anything particular.
      Ness xx

  • Beautiful post. I’m contemplating the same thing at the moment. I’m moving out of a beautiful 100 year old cottage to another beautiful home built in the fifties. Like you, I choose to have what I like and love being surrounded by my ‘things’! Always love your posts.

    • That sounds lovely! I kind of like not being classed as having a particular style. High five!
      Ness xx


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