Creating Your Own Calligraphy Style….

©Marley & Lockyer 2017

Good morning!

So, you may have worked out that I love calligraphy…all forms of it. The old hand of my ancestors, the traditional, the new modern, Chalkboard art, you name it. Love them all!

I’m currently researching our family history, and have been finding so many beautiful old certificates from my ancestors in the old hand. It really makes me wonder why handwriting is not taught in schools anymore. So sad.

©Marley & Lockyer 2017

For me, it’s something I’ve never been formally taught, and you know what? I like that idea. From a small child I have practised the traditional, and the modern. They are all beautiful. What I’m really passionate about is creating your own style.

Lets not call it a font though. Let’s just call it “your own style”. It’s something no one else can mimic, because at the foundation of it all is your own handwriting, and no one can replicate that.

We all have our own little quirks when we write, and they need to be celebrated I think.

©Marley & Lockyer 2017

It’s become the basis of my Art Of Chalkboard Writing workshop. 

Showing you how to create something unique from your own handwriting. Even if you think your handwriting is terrible, it can turn into something beautiful…and that’s where I come in with this workshop.

Its a lovely day with me, in my studio, having the most amazing lunch, and playing with chalkboards.

©Marley & Lockyer 2015

Once you’ve learnt this, you can go on to create invitations, cards, logos, menus, and of course, chalkboards for any occasion.

©Marley & Lockyer 2014

If you would like to join me, the next workshop is on Saturday, 6th May 2017 from 10am – 1pm in beautiful Gravelly Beach, 20 minutes from Launceston.

Tickets are $120 each, and includes all materials, and a catered lunch made from local ingredients. To book your place please head to the Marley & Lockyer store HERE  

See you there!

~Ness xx



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