Marley & Lockyer for Cathy Penton Atelier…


With Mothers Day fast approaching, I’ve teamed up with Cathy Penton Atelier with a collection designed and mad especially for Cathy’s beautiful online Atelier.

Marley & Lockyer for Cathy Penton Atelier

When Cathy Penton emailed me earlier this year about making a range for her store, of course I said “yes!”. I’ve followed Cathy and the journey of her old railway cottage renovation and recently, the renovation of the old Courthouse that her family owns.

The brief was quite simple – an organic range that had some Penny Eucalyptus branches, soap dishes with an organic made feel to team with handmade soaps, and some cups with “make today marvellous”. I was trusted with the rest, and I’m so glad Cathy loves what I made for her store.

Marley & Lockyer for Cathy Penton Atelier

I knew where Cathy’s head was, as her asthetic and colour palette is similar to mine.

Seeing how she styled this range up has made my heart happy. This photo of Cathy’s own Mother, has been a huge inspiration behind this range. There’s round soap dishes on little legs, as well as the organic shaped ones you see in the previous image.

Marley & Lockyer for Cathy Penton Atelier

These tea/coffee cups would be such a beautiful gift for someone you love, not only for Mothers Day,  it also for Easter.


The plates have a simplistic Penny Gum sprig on them in a calming sage green…


Cathy’s own addition to the Mothers Day collection are these wonderful charms that she had makes from scratch. Cathy’s charms have always been great sellers. They make perfect keepsakes paired with some beautiful ribbon, or as jewellery.

If you’d like to see more beautiful items from Cathy Penton Atelier, including calligraphy linen cushions, vintage finds, clothing and much more, please click HERE.

~Ness xx



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  • Thank you for everything as always dear friend. The cups are my favourites, so tactile in your hand and all slightly different, so in love xxx

    • I’m so pleased you like them, Cathy. It was my pleasure. Thank you xx

  • Another great read thanks to you Marley & Lockyer! I am always amazed at how you are able to write and make your readers feel that they are just talking to a friend. Keep writing please!

    • Thank you. I don’t write as much as I should here anymore, but I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. Xx


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