So, it’s been a year….

Marley & Lockyer

Hard to believe, but we’ve been at the farm for a year tomorrow! I know, right? It seems like a few months ago that we packed up The Old Lady and headed to our fixer upper ‘The Old Dame Farmhouse’.

Weve had a blast here at the farm so far, so I thought I’d update you on what we’ve been doing up until now…

Day 2, we pulled out the horrible kitchen. It was a LOT of work. Floor height differences, knocked down a wall into another room to make he kitchen bigger, replaced bearers and joists, demolished a fireplace/chimney, replaced the hot water system and gas lines and rewired lots of dodgy wiring.

Marley & Lockyer

We replaced it with this. We love this space now. It’s so nice to wake up to in the morning, and the feel in here is what will be through the rest of the farm as we renovate it.

Marley & Lockyer Home

Its been wonderful bringing my antique and vintage pieces back out and finding new homes for them.

Marley & Lockyer Home

My Dad restored this beautiful, original wooden screen door that we found in the berry orchard. It’s perfect for the front of the farmhouse.

We also replaced the whole roof at the back of the house, replaced plumbing, more wiring…lots of things you can’t see, but are most important.

Marley & Lockyer

Discovered this gorgeous old Sunshine gate in the back paddock, which is earmarked as our new front entry gate. We are planing on changing some things in the front garden….

©Marley & Lockyer

Right now, we have a huge double entry, horseshoe driveway that we are thinking of making into a single entry with a return circle drive around an old tree in the centre of the yard. It will take away the dust that gets flicked up on the front porch at the moment. We are thinking of some semi formal beds along the front porch that will walk out onto the turning circle driveway…stay tuned.


I started tearing up the terribly old shag pile carpets to reveal some old floorboards that are in pretty good shape. I’ve got a few plans for finishing the Flores to compliment the style of the farmhouse. Eventually, that doorway in the middle of the hallway will be removed as well as the false ceiling that runs through this space. The original ceiling is hidden by it, and it is a few feet higher. The walls will be  tongue and groove, painted white like the kitchen and a natural runner will go on the floor. I’m thinking about making some ceramic lights to go down here.

I gave the studio a mini makeover and removed more shag pile carpet, an old kitchenette, and painted the whole place white. I also handmade the backsplash tiles in the patterns that feature in my work, to compliment my salvage yard find school art sink.

We added to our family also…three gorgeous sheep that I named Tallulah, Dolores and Agnes…

…as well as a flock of gorgeous Silkies. They are the sweetest little balls of fluff.

At Christmas time, we hatched this gorgeous rooster, Francois Le Peck (front). That’s his dad behind him, Geoffoir Le Peck, the original rockstar! We sadly lost Geoffoir a few weeks ago. He has been missed dearly.

Theres still loads to do both inside and out, but we have all settled in so well here. A few people have commented on the amount of work we have ahead of us, but if you had seen The Old Lady when we bought her, you would realise that the farmhouse is so much less work. We are happy about the less work bit!

It’s been the best move we’ve made yet.

Happy home anniversary to us all xx



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  • Love ready about your home and creative endeavors! The new farm is starting to look wonderful! I’m not sure if it’s just my screen but I find the font on this page very small and hard to read and have been sitting here squinting to read it!! Not sure if others have commented about this. Nevertheless I keep coming back as I just love your style and really more of a picture girl anyway! xx

    • Thank you for for the feedback, Bec. I will have to look into that. I’ve tried a few different devices, and I can see it fine. Not sure what’s happening there.
      Thank you also for your lovely comment. I really appreciate it.
      Ness xx

  • oops * reading not ready x

  • Oh I love this transformation of the Grand Old Lady. What a gorgeous farmhouse … the gate, the sheep, the silkies, your divine kitchen. WOW! Love all of this. What a great family home for you all xx

    • It’s been a blessing for us, Wendy. We are very happy living here…even with all that is yet to be done. Thank you for your lovely comment too.
      Ness xx


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