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Hi there!

I’m Ness. Artist, ceramicist, calligrapher, personal trainer and foodie.
I call the Tasmanian country side in the stunning Tamar Valley home.
We recently bought a “fixer upper” farmhouse c1900 by the water with my Husband, Mic,
Our two boys, two Border Collies, some chickens and some sheep.
With some renovating love, we hope to turn this old farmhouse into our Old Dame. This is where I will continue to share the journey.

I started out in Architecture, but got bored and my passion soon turned to interiors- making a beautiful home.
With that, a long love for Interiors and styling was let loose.
There’s been numerous art awards, and a gallery exhibition, but my passion lies within the home.
It is with this love of interiors that set me on a path of creating beautiful, live-able spaces on a budget.

About the brand…..

Using antique and vintage linens from around the globe, white ceramic, porcelain and time
honored techniques (which I have tweaked my own way),
Marley & Lockyer was born in 2007

All pieces are made totally by hand in small batches in a white studio in the Tasmanian countryside.
This keeps the handmade integrity of each piece and a beautiful, honest texture to the clay.
Small runs of jewelry and handmade textiles and lighting, as well as seasonal ranges, keeps me constantly busy.

Marley & Lockyer became from longing to do something with my creative talents.
On May 17th, 2008, Idecided to keep this blog as a journal of our journey with Marley & Lockyer, styling,
gorgeous homes and the renovation of The Old Lady…and now The Old Dame.

My work with Marley & Lockyer has been seen in numerous Interior  and Wedding magazines,
blogs and social media, celebrity homes and offices and continues to grow each day.

   photo credit-
Image & styling 1,3- ©Ness Lockyer
Image 2- ©Sharyn Cairns for Country Style Magazine