Sugar Free/Dairy Free Banana Bread…


While we still have a few weeks left of summer holidays, and I’m really looking forward to getting back to work full time again, I’m enjoying the break…a lot. It’s given me a chance to work on our farmhouse, and some new designs.

One thing I love doing when I have down time, is baking. So, this sugar free/dairy free banana bread was something I really wanted to make. I originally found the recipe on, but had to tweak it to suit our needs as we don’t eat much dairy, if any.

I wanted to share this with you, as it’s such an easy bread, and would be great for school/work lunches. And, seeing that traditionally banana bread is full of sugar, this makes a nice alternative…and it still tastes good. Winner!


You’ll need…

*4 very ripe bananas, mashed

*2 free range eggs

*1/2 cup of olive oil

*1/4 cup non dairy milk (I used almond milk, but any other would be fine)

*1 teaspoon vanilla paste

*1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

*1 cup spelt flour

*1cup of SR flour (or use 2 cups of alternative flours if gluten free with 1teaspoon bicarbonate soda)

Then all you do is…

-preheat oven to 180C

-mix wet ingredients in with mashed banana. Add flours, baking powder, and gently combine. Do not over mix.

-line a loaf tin with baking paper, and add mixed ingredients. Bake for approximately 30-40 minutes until a knife inserted into centre comes out clean.

-transfer to a wire rack to cool.


If you want to keep it sugar free, you can get sugar free icing sugar from Natvia. We use this and it’s great. You could also add some sultanas to the mix or walnuts, if you weren’t using it for school lunches.

I’m just having mine with a cup of coffee with almond milk, as is. But our youngest, Mason, tells me it’s awesome in the sandwich press too with jam.

If you give it a go, I’d love to hear what you think.

~ Ness xx

Botanic Pieces & Clay For Aleppo….

Marley&LockyerLast week I re-opened the store for the new year. Technically, I’m still on holidays until February, but I couldn’t wait to get back into making some of the new pieces I had in my sketch books.

These new Verde Botanic bowls were the first. I was a little unsure if anyone would like them, so I put out this photo on Instagram and Facebook, and had an amazing response!

 ©Marley & Lockyer Next out of the kiln was the Verde Botanic Mixing bowl. I am beyond happy with these. The green is such a calm tone, and against the white looks wonderful.

I have purposely made each bowls Botanic pattern different. I don’t want these to look like a mass produced piece, and each one should be special. The drawings are done freehand straight onto the bowl. I don’t  draw from a reference photo, but just go about it organically.

Like I said, the response has been amazing, and it looks like I’ll be making many more. So thank you to those who have left messages and sent emails wanting to purchase them. My heart is full.

©Marley & Lockyer While I’m on the topic of bowls full of heart, I’d like to let you know about a project recently started to get Australian Ceramic artists to donate work to be auctioned for the efforts in Aleppo.

If you are unaware of the crisis in Aleppo, you must take some time out of your day to google it. The devastation these people are enduring is heartbreaking, and it seems mainstream media does not want to talk about it. So, there is a movement within social media circles to bring light to this topic.

I’m happy to help in any way I can. So, I have donated a Wreath Mixing bowl (above) that’s currently being auctioned off, with all money raised to go to the charities that are at the forefront of this crisis.

If you would like to see the amazing pieces that are available, please head to @clayforaleppo on Instagram, where you can check out what’s available, and be a part of this amazing movement to help these poor people.

~ Ness xx

A Walk Around The Farmhouse With Me…

©Marley & Lockyer 2016

When this time of year hits, I am elbow deep in stars, custom orders, dinner sets, and this year – crowns! Normally I find myself needing an afternoon where I’m totally disconnected from the studio, and that usually means pottering about the house. But, since our farmhouse is only partially renovated, I thought I would spend it in the garden.

I thought I’d show you about. This is about the best part of the front of the house right now, as it’s yet to be painted. We won’t be painting this beautiful old wood door though. It will stay as is. We also have a wonderful old wooden screen door that we saved from the berry orchard that will go on here too.

©Marley & Lockyer 2016

You can see the ugly metal one here. It’s covered in a weird blue stone paint! Can’t wait to get it off and the new old wooden one on. We will be painting the exterior white with possibly a very pale grey on the shutters and new roof. The verandas are so lovely and deep.

©Marley & Lockyer 2016

We were lucky enough to have these patio blinds here when we bought the house, and it’s the perfect place to sit. There’s an old Coogans table out here that we often eat at, and it will be where we have our Christmas dinner too. I’ve been busy building up my Hydrangea stash (my favourite flowers) to make a hedge with once winter comes. For now though, they are making a pretty addition to the veranda….those blue posts will be the first thing to be painted white. ha!

©Marley & Lockyer 2016

Since the warmer weather has hit, the garden has burst to life and things have been popping up everywhere!

©Marley & Lockyer 2016

We have loads of berries becoming ripe now, and these Tayberries I had never heard of. They are delicious! If anyone knows of a good recipe for them, I’d love to hear it.

©Marley & Lockyer

This particular bed will get a clean out come winter. There is so much in here including poppies, sweet peas, daffodils, jonquils, iris, carnation, forget-me-nots….so crowded.

©Marley & Lockyer 2016

Our actual berry orchard is bursting at the seams with Golden Raspberries, normal Raspberries, White Raspberries and some other berry I haven’t figured out what it is yet. We’ve been picking (and eating berries) everyday!

©Marley & Lockyer 2016

This is my walk to the farmhouse from the studio. Past the veggie patch and green house. The traffic is brilliant 😉

©Marley & Lockyer 2016

The big old Willow tree at the back of the house is my favorite. Once this house is all white, this tree will look even better.

©Marley & Lockyer 2016

If you’re on Instagram, then you would have seen a few peeks at the farm, including our handsome rooster. This is Geoffoir Le Peck. He is a handsome chap, bit of a rock star too.

©Marley & Lockyer 2016

I’ve been sharing some of our berries with the chooks, and they love them! We’ve never had chooks before, and these Silkie Bantams are adorable, calm little fluff balls. This is Rhonda. Her and the other 11 girls have been giving us loads of eggs and they are so good. I’m thinking this year that the pavlova is going to be spectacular!

I’ve been making Lemon Brownies lately, and I’ll have to share the recipe with you soon. It’s a great, quick one when your guests arrive for a pot of tea.

I hope you liked that little tour. I needed that little break. Thank you for coming along.

~Ness xx

Christmas Gift Guide & Wood Watch Gift!…

It’s that time of year, where you are wondering what to get loved ones and have no idea…I get it! Buying for my parents is always hard, and I know a lot of people who have family members or friends that are the same.

Well, I often get asked to put together gift guides and I always forget to do it because I’m usually stressing about what to get Mum and Dad. Ha! SO, this year, I’m putting together a little gift guide of things I love from makers and businesses I love too.


First up is a stunning quilt from Fictional Objects. I’ve been a stall holder alongside this brand, and every time I leave with something. The quality is gorgeous and so soft. This would be perfect for anyone really.


OK, Fog Linen…not much more to say really. These slippers would be a great Mum or Dad gift…(or for me Mic if you’re reading). Lithuanian linen in the most beautiful neutrals. Bliss.


If you don’t know about Father Rabbit, you need to! Claudia has created the most drool worthy store, in my favourite palette of whites, linens, neutrals and paired with ceramic, glass, wood and wire. It ticks all of my boxes. While I was looking for a certain someone’s Christmas gift, I came across these ceramic birds…love!


Wow! How lovely would this be to open on Christmas morning with Bing Crosby crooning in the background?

It’s the Sofia Porcelain Pendant by Revisions Design on Etsy. I need one of these too!


This would be a great Mum/Sister/Aunt gift. The always awesome Bearded Pigeon has such a gorgeous range of botanical wall hangings and the kids range is awesome too. I love the old style School charts too.


These taxidermy insects are so awesome. Imagine a cluster of these in a mans office, or even in a white, country home paired with shed antlers and linen! From Paradise Crow


In our house there are always bikes (family of cyclists), so I’m always looking for nice ways to display them and get them off the floor. Top end bikes are like artwork, so why not display them…without ugly metal hooks. I always wanted a vintage bike over the sofa, but we can’t do it at the farm as there’s windows behind now. These wooden bike hooks are perfect!

From WoodOOcycles


While we are talking about wood, recently I became the owner of this cool watch by Jord Wood Watches. I don’t normally do sponsored posts, but I truly love these watches! I’ve always wanted one and finally got one of my own. The whole thing is wood…the back (that’s normally metal), band, front – everything! Even the box it comes in is made of wood and is more like a jewelry box, with a little drawer and linen pillow…a gift in it’s self.


I am constantly getting comments on it, so I’m pairing up with Jord Wood Watches to offer you a $25 e-voucher…just in time for Christmas!

So, all you need to do is go to my gift link here and get yourself a $25 e-gift card emailed straight to you. They have a great range of ladies watches, mens watches and the watch I have.

The e-card gift ends on the 18th December 2016 and your e-card can be used until 28th Feb 2017. Winning!

i couldn’t stop here either, so I’ve added a Pinterest board here too…for a little more gift giving ideas.

I hope you get some ideas…Mic certainly will have 😉

~Ness xx

Post sponsored by Jord Wood Watches.

Wooden Wristwatch

Christmas Range For 2016 and Custom Cut-Off Dates….

©Marley & Lockyer 2016

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”

You would probably know by now that I love Christmas time. So, when I finally get to release my Christmas range for the year, it’s pretty exciting.

There are some new pieces for Christmas 2016, including the French Embroidered Star. You might recognize the pattern from one of my best sellers – the French Embroidered series.


I also added these, which you might also recognize from another best seller – the Fraser Knit range. Who doesn’t love cable knit?


These round Noel tags have been a hit already.


I had a chance to play about with a little Christmas vignette for the newsletter release, which was really nice. It’s made me quite excited for the real thing…let’s just hope we can get our living room renovated before then!


As is the story every year, the custom calligraphy stars are going crazy! If you are from outside Australia, the cut off date for custom stars is Monday 7th November. If you’re in Australia, I will be taking custom orders until Friday, 25th November.


This year I have also included to the range, glazed plain stars. I have even made a batch of these for our own tree this year to compliment the other decorations…they reflect fairy lights beautifully too.


The custom birds are quite popular this year too and I have added a customizable ceramic drop.


…and these Antler tags


…as well as customizable trees. There are some wonderful ideas coming in to add a personal touch to these.

There is more in store that I have not mentioned, and if you would like to take a look,

please click HERE

Have you started thinking about Christmas Yet? This year has just flown by! I’m ready for the season though.

~Ness xx

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