Kitchen Inspiration…

I need some inspiration for Kitchens…so here we go!
This Kitchen is lovely and belongs to the owners of Riviera Maison.
All of the touches of black are so fresh against the white. I love the black butlers sink.
Image unknown…sorry
This is something I would love to do in our Kitchen once we have painted.
Not the green chalkboard paint though…in black.
I love the detailing on these cupboards, the hood, colour, lights and those
beautiful chairs.

via Camilla at home
More beautiful detailing. I am not usually a fan of overhead cupboards, but I don’t mind these.

Image unknown…I forgot sorry!
Beaded board ceiling like our own I love. The little light above the table I would love in 3 in aluminium, you can get them in Ikea.
I am looking forward to painting our own Kitchen and my Sister is planning to do a full rip out and renovate in hers…this is for inspiration.
Ness xx



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