Lovelies and 6 things….

As you may be aware, I am always looking for inspiration, beautiful things and possible supplies. So, I have been looking through some of the new finds I have stored in my Computer and thought I would show you these beauties…

De beaux souvenirs

I think these whimsical wire creations are just lovely.
Hand made in France, and some come with the little lights!!!


These stunning wicker lined baskets I am sending out mental wishes for . It would make a superb laundry basket.

…along with these stunning cushions for an outdoor space would be lovely.

Flax and Spindle
These cushions are just beautiful. I especially adore this hot air balloon one, which reminds me of a lovely old vintage advertisement. Their Postcard cushions are just as lovely. Now, I have been asked to tell you 6 things about me by the lovely Lee from Glimpse Of Style. I am sorry it has taken me so long to get to it Lee!

I am not very interesting, here goes….
1. I am the only one in our family born in Australia and with blue eyes…..I wonder where the Milk Man lived when I was conceived! =0
2. I have always hated Op Shops/ Second Hand stores and used to whinge at Mum not to take me with her. Now I love them, the hunt and the feel of satisfaction when you get a bargain. Like today I bought 2 lounge chairs that need recovering for $10 ea for Mics slot car room!!!
3. I am a ring FANATIC! Seriously, I have more rings than I have fingers and toes, and the chunkier the better! I only wear one at a time though.
4. I would love a black Lexus, or failing that, a BWM 308i (I think)…black too! or a Mini with a St Andrews cross on top…hehe
5. I am about to embark on a major decorating move…stay tuned!!!
6. I hate feet! really…don’t like them, handy, but ugly!
Sorry, I told you I’m not interesting.
Ness xx



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  • Oh Ness, how could you think that you’re not interesting! I love these very interesting, quirky bits of information about you. Especially love the bit about the rings – you’ll have to show us your favourites sometime. Thanks for playing along. Lee 🙂

  • Everybody is interesting because we all have our own storie!

    Love the photo’s!

  • I’m with you on feet Ness – necessary but too, too ugly!
    Mmmmm, now you’ve got me wondering about your announcement, how many more sleeps before the reveal?
    Millie ^_^

  • Lovely, great inspirational photo’s.

  • Oooh Ness! :)Love all your new finds! The basket is lovely!!! Your list of 6, is interesting, all I can say is you made me laugh!!! Out LOUD!!! You are so funny!

  • great list…always fun getting to know you better

  • I am not big on feet either Ness! xv

  • I love those birdcage light thingies … whimsical and beautiful.

  • Cute feet are only found on babies!
    And then I could nibble at them.
    Love the interesting snips about you~ I think you’re a joy!

  • Lee,
    I will do a post which will include my rings shortly. Ness xx

  • Millie,
    Don’t get too excited…it’s not the shop opening or anything. I will let you know during the week I think.
    Ness xx

  • I am glad I am not the only one with a disliking for feet.
    I’m glad I made you laugh Kris!

    I agree about babies feet. They are the only ones I will touch. I often nibble Masons feet. When he hits that cabbage stage….it’s!
    Ness xx

  • Oh yes, feet. I don’t mind women’s feet.
    We manicure them and keep them soft.
    It is men’s feet that I feel should be hidden at all times. Is that sexist? Perhaps, but true. Men should not wear sandals!



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