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I am sorry for my lack of post on Friday, I was elbow deep in paint, trying to get the living room/ Kitchen /dining and hall done before picking up my Mum from the airport. I also was out that night for dinner with friends and by the time it was all done I had no time to do the post..sorry!
I did how ever have a lovely weekend. The weather was lovely. I bought an old Chaise Longue and a gilt mirror at the markets (from the same seller that my office table came from) for a song. I planted out the start of our HUGE garden project, finished the painting…and got the cold!!!
I did stumble across these lovely old, nostalgic looking photos which I am thinking about for our living room wall. My Vicki photos aren’t working, which I am a bit sad about, so I thought these lovelies would do well in our old home.

Emma Lynne
This photo of washing is beautiful. I do love to see our white sheets on the line when the grass is all mowed and the sun shines through them…it is simple things like this that make me so happy to be where I am right now.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I will post some photos of the paint, mirror and Chaise as soon as I get started on them…..the list grows!!!
Ness xx



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