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a little detail of a doll I just made for a customer.
My inspiration for this blog comes from all sorts of places
*images I have had for years from old magazines
*pieces of cloth I have saved from favourite linens
*old pieces of paper with just the right hue
*leaves, twigs, seed pods
*and of course websites, blogs and online sources
Now, sometimes I don’t have the where abouts of  some images (as they may be ancient and prior to me having a computer/Internet) and if I ever don’t and you recognise it I am lucky that you tell me which is brilliant.
I do always link/mention where ever I can and have noticed that lately I have lost some info from my blog here and there and if you see something which has not been given credit,
could you please let me know.
Then I can fix it and get this blog of mine back to normal.
Feel free to email me
thanks friends =0)



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  • beautiful ness…..melissa xx

  • That doll looks fab!

    TDM xx

  • I so enjoy the lovely mix of things you blog about….the gorgeous pictures you share with us. And your embroidery looks great. Did you see a review I did of a book a little while back called Made In France? I think you’d love it – if only for inspiration. There are some completely gorgeous projects. Here’s the link if you want a peep.

    Hope you’re having a really gorgeous day.


  • It’s those special touches that really make a difference – beautiful! 🙂

  • Gorgeous, Ness! Oh, that doll is beautiful.

  • What a sweet doll! I have made many dolls over the years, but none in quite a while. Loved dressing them!

  • That doll looks beautiful..where can I see the full pictures.. I want to see the full glory!! xx

  • So happy I found your blog! Very inspiring!


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