Missing the clay…

Christmas has come and gone, and for me this year it feels like I have been in Christmas
mode for ages. I started planning mid year and production started many, many months ago.
Believe it or not, I have started thinking about 2012’s Christmas already.
This will seem crazy, but this is what you must do to get your goodies out there and be prepared when you are a one person show.
I looked back through some of my old images and found this clay ’tile’ 
I made a long time ago. It is now sold, but I always loved how this one turned out.
I have some more that I intend on putting on the ‘Sweat Shop’ (studio) walls,
mainly to remind me of that creative side I have always had and that it is always there
…to keep me on track.

My little dolls house has been a glow today, as I went ‘back to work’.
Not that I can call it that.
I love what I am doing with Marley & Lockyer
and it never seems like work, 
meeting so many lovely people day to day.
I have actually missed the clay and the fairy lights that I work by,
the quiet lull of crooners in the back ground.
I am ready for 2012. 
I hope you are too.



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  • Happy New Year

  • Hello! Your zone is simply wonderful, loved to meet you, they are works are beautiful, delicate and super charming!
    Your blog is a magnificent source of inspiration and inexhaustible … Congratulations!
    I’m following you and would love a quick visit her!

  • I am most definitely ready for a new year! How nice it is that you love what you do so much. That’s the dream 🙂
    Happy New Year Ness! X

  • Happy New Year – sounds like you have a lot to look forward to this coming year! – Melissa x


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