Christmas decorating at our ‘Old Lady’….

Yes, the decorating has started! I know it seems a little early, and normally I am a 1st December kind of girl, but this weekend is the only I could set the tree up with our boys, as I am really busy up until Christmas now. This is our mantel in the Kitchen. It is head height, so I didn’t want anything too tall up there. I also tightened up the garland by folding it over 4 times. The little tealights are Marley & Lockyer and have a ‘pressed tin’ finish to them.

We have this little area beside our dining table that I always like to keep an ever changing vignette on. Although, lately as I have been so busy, it hasn’t been changed for a while so I was quite happy to give it a little Christmas makeover today. The Ivy ring I picked up at a local market here in the country for $20…bargain as it is really full and well matured. The bright glow is a Mason jar filled with white LED fairy lights. The left photo is before and the right after.

Like the little white gnome? I picked him up yesterday at the Boutique Markets where I had a stall from the wonderful Min of Content…he is so cute and I have wanted one forever!

…and here is the tree. It was so hot today and we put this up in the afternoon glare so it was hard to get a good shot of the lights. I bought some new ones today.

I tried to get a better picture tonight, but the angle I was on has made it look like the lights are all bunched up at the bottom…promise they aren’t. I still have to put a skirt of some description under it, and finish some more decorating through our home, but all in all, the boys and I were very happy with our Christmasy efforts :0)



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