A full and relaxing weekend…all at the same time!


Ah, another week and weekend down…and a fabulous one at that!

I am trying so hard at the moment to pack for this weeks trip to Sydney for the Finders Keepers market and keep getting distracted…by props mainly…and trying to cram loads of ceramic pieces into a big box that is coming on the plane with me…it’s like Jenga!



I just wish I could take some of these Cotoneaster branches from our garden to fill the table with! They make for a wonderful display right now…our huge big tree is heaving with these berries!



It’s been a stressful few weeks getting prepped for this market and also the market and with the kiln blowing a fuse last week, I was a little behind and the next few days the kiln will be going non stop to finish filling that box before I leave on Thursday. I have been burning this wonderful candle by Du Pre & Moore Candle Co. in the studio…trying to stay calm. The wooden wick is wonderful 🙂


The studio has been in a mess while I have been getting last minute products done for the upcoming market and last weekends market….it’s getting scrubbed when I get back!!!


Yesterday, I attended the Boutique Markets here in Launceston and I must say, this new-ish market is growing some ‘legs’. Lot’s of shoppers through the doors with more stalls on hand and a wonderful vibe made for a pleasant day out. I have been lucky enough to be a part of this market for some time now and it’s been wonderful to see it grow. If you are ever in Launceston when it’s on, it’s well worth the visit!


But, by Sunday night, I was shattered, so it was lovely to come home, unpack the market load and head off to Mic’s Parents for a family ‘gathering’. We have had relatives visiting from Queensland, and they were over for dinner and a huge bonfire on the Lockyer property. A huge full moon was out, no wind and this monster of a fire….which nearly singed my eyebrows while trying to toast marshmallows…kept us warm for hours, before we all headed off, relaxed, for an early night. Ready for this week….which is going to be HUGE!



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  • glad the market went well. and the bonfire looks fabulous. glad you got to relax after all the hard work you have been doing xx

    • I really needed that night with our family. It was wonderful and gazing into a fire flickering is always soothing…cant wait to see you this weekend 🙂 xx

  • Ness,
    Your photos are just so beautiful…..

    • Thank you so much. I just shoot what I see xx

  • you are such a busy lady…love your pictures! I hope you can relax for a bit. 🙂 I found that lovely candle on etsy, and so sad they don’t ship to the US.

    Take care!
    ps…how are your pups? I haven’t seen any pictures lately, I think your new little one is adorable, I bet she is getting big. 🙂

    • Completely exhausted now Jodi…but happy.
      I didn’t realize they don’t ship to the U.S. Sorry.
      our pup is getting nig, chewing everything insight and is now 6 months old!!
      Ness xx


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