New Range In Store…


This morning was such a great time for . Opening the kiln lid to some new pieces I packed in there the day before, hopeful that they would turn out…they did…and I may have squealed with delight!

I am moving towards smaller collections. To keep my creative flow alive, I need to be not producing the same pieces day in, day out. This is not what I set out to do when I started this journey. I’m super excited about this as I have books and books of sketches and this way, I may actually get to put some to clay 🙂

image (14)

This piece, with its quote from Shakespeare, I am really liking!

image (13)

Do you like my vintage Antler knives?

image (19)

the other piece is a new spin on my ‘start the journey’ plate

image (4)

I have always wanted to do a little ‘grain sack’ stripe on something…for ages, but could not work it into the other designs, so a little crown and a free hand stripe. This piece has sold.

image (120)

This new platter I am loving with its almost stone look. I made a little condiment dish to match.


the shape is new for me too


They all look great together


I made some of these up for Sydney Finders Keepers in June and they sold out, so I thought I would make some more. I have another batch ready for the kiln hopefully on Monday so stay tuned.


Very happy with this range and I am so happy with the feedback I have received so far.  You can see more pieces in my STORE.

While I am here I wanted to say a huge thanks to all who follow me on Instagram…I’ve just realised there is 10,000 of you following along!! Thank you so SO much!

If you would like to see what’s happening behind the scenes over on IG, you can find me at @marleyandlockyer

Thanks guys xx



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  • Ness, I like all your work, and think this new line will prove very popular! I like all of it but especially the ones with the text and grain sack/crown plates. Lovely!

    • I’m so pleased you like them. I have been working on getting the right products for them to work and am finally happy with them. Thanks again.
      Ness xx

  • I have followed your blog for quite some time and I love it here! Evrything you have designed/design is simply brilliant! I simply adore the grainsack with crown style….totally made me happy =) ~Ashley

    • oh. Thank you so much. That is so sweet of you xx


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